Special profiles and tubes

Tubes on catalog

  • OSBORN METALS manufactures customized hexagonal tubes in different grades.
Some applications require a hexagonal (or octagonal) shape in a round.

For recurring applications, OSBORN METALS has designed hexagon tubes in C35E steel for professional tooling applications.

Our range covers all standard sizes between 3.2mm and 38mm flat. Most of them are available from stock with minimum quantities ranging from 50kg to 500kg depending on the products.

  • OSBORN METALS manufactures customized square and rectangle tubes in different grades
External dimensions from 5mm to 132mm

For agricultural equipment or similar applications, OSBORN METALS offers a catalog of thick wall square tubes.
Several sets of telescopic tubes, sliding in one another are available in our workshops or at some distributors.

Download our catalogue of hexagonal tubes (PDF)
Download our square tubes catalogue (PDF)

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As a specialist producer of precision cold drawn profiles in solid or tubular form we provide our customers « customized » Steel Profiles and Tubes manufactured in extended lengths and cut to length for the cost effective production of mechanical components.

Custom tubes and profiles

- Shapes ,Geometry, dimensions
- Finish
- grades, standards

Key Benefits

- Special shapes
- Metal savings
- Machined tolerances
- low cost tooling
- Volumes to meet your needs