Aircraft Quality tubing


For more than 50 years, Osborn Tubes is specialized in the manufacture of high-performance and high-precision steel alloy tubes for the Aerospace and Defence Industries.
In addition to the customary grades of steel used for the production of welded or seamless tubes, Osborn Tubes has developed a particular expertise in specific alloys like Chromium-Vanadium steels (15CrMoV6 – 15CDV6) or Chromium-Molybdenum (25CrMo4 – 25CD4S and 35CrMo4 – 35CD4) and Nickel-Chromium (25NiCr16) according to the highest aeronautic standards
Osborn Metals also offers stainless precipitiation-hardened martensitic steels like 15.5PH and 17.4PH.
All tubes for aeronautical applications can be delivered round or special shaped from a diameter of 2mm to 18mm and a wall thickness going from 0.4mm to more than 10mm.
All heat treatments are done internally and so the traction tests which are performed in our labs to guaranty 100% quality and the full traceability of the delivered products.
Our linishing and honing equipment come in addition to the cold drawing steps to level up the finish and the final tolerances of the products.
Our sales are direct sales or via approved distributors. In all cases, we can adapt to our customers’ needs to optimize costs and supply chain.
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Osborn Metals has developed a strong quality and improvement culture to offer its customer best products and services with optimized processes and solutions.