Osborn Metals : a long lasting partner !

In 1909, the company Bossin-Davin-Costey et Cie, which is now Osborn Metals SAS supplied to the aeronautic pionner Louis Blériot some tubes to build his famous Blériot XI. 112 years later, this is now to Didier Chable, retired engineer and flight test pilot, that Osborn Metals supplies tubes in 25CD4S according to the standard AIR 9160C - ASNA 6080 and Wersktoff 1.7214 for rear wing components, front chassis and landing gears of his brand new Blériot XI. Didier has the objective, together with a team of aero enthusiasts called Association des Mécaniciens et Pilotes d’Avions Anciens (AMPAA), to make this plane flight again and to cross again the English channel !
Have a safe and smooth flight Didier !