The CSR at Osborn Metals

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is, and will be, a strong growth and sustainability lever in the industry. 
The CSR is an important piece and acts as a link between the customers and the financial world who are waiting real steps towards CSR challenges but also the associates who are willing to work for companies sharing their values in terms of risk management, environmental care and work life quality. Also, citizens of many countries and more particularly young people are pushing for a « green » world. 
In order to frame the CSR implementation in each company, the UIMM (French Syndicate of Industries related to Metalworking) has developed an innovative, pragmatic and “industrial friendly” roadmap in which Osborn Metals would like to enter to transform ideas in actions. We have then been pleased to welcome in our factory Karine Pinson and Cecile Guittonneau GIM/IUMM to make a first CSR assessment.

More to come very soon on our road map !