Special profiles and tubes

Custom tubes and profiles

Shapes, Dimensions
Solid sections :
  • square section; 25 mm² to 6000 mm² (0.2kg/m to 45kg/m)
  • Usual tolerances; type h11 (to h9 depending on shapes)
  • Common lengths: 3m to 5m, to 7 meters depending on profiles

Hollow sections :
  • Cold drawn from hot rolled tubes or seamless tubes
  • Inside Dimension: min : 5 mm
  • Outside Dimension max :150 mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.5 mm à 12 mm
  • Tolerances: according to EN 10305-1, commonly h11, up to h8 depending on shapes and dimensions
  • Common lengths: 3m to 6m, up to 8m depending on shapes

Open profiles :
  • cold drawn from flat stripes
  • Dimension maxi: 180 mm
  • Thickness mini: 1 mm
  • Tolerances: according to requirement (less tight on flexible area)
  • Common lengths: 3m to 6m, up to 6.5m depending on shapes

  • Surface treatment, pickling, descaling, phosphating, oiling
  • Possible finish: as drawn or lightly phosphate and oiled
  • Heat Treatment: normalization, stress release, etc
  • De-twisting, straightening, cut to length
  • On request we can achieve machining operations, coating and other
Standards and Grades :

  • EN 10277 :2018 - bright steel products
This standard replaces previous EN 10277-1 to 5 May 2018
  • EN 10305-1 :2016 Seamless cold drawn tubes 
  • ​EN 10305-2 :2016 Welded cold drawn tubes 
  • EN ISO 683-1 : Non-alloy steels for Quenching and Tempering
  • EN ISO 683-2 : Alloy steels for Quenching and Tempering
  • EN ISO 683-3 : Case hardening steels 
Osborn Metals can also cold draw other steel grades and stainless steel in condition to be agreed 


As a specialist producer of precision cold drawn profiles in solid or tubular form we provide our customers « customized » Steel Profiles and Tubes manufactured in extended lengths and cut to length for the cost effective production of mechanical components.

Key Benefits

- Special shapes
- Metal savings
- Machined tolerances
- low cost tooling
- Volumes to meet your needs