Sylvain, freelance designer for Osborn Metals

With 20 years of experience in the design of special machines and complex mechanical systems, Sylvain Maillard works as a designer at Osborn Metals in “Freelance” mode.
This mode of operation brings many advantages.
Arnaud Habsieger (Chairman) : « Sylvain and I were colleagues in a previous experience. Fully aware of his skills, it seemed natural to call on him to design tooling systems to improve our production tools at Osborn Metals. »
Sylvain Maillard : « Working, partly in the home office and with various customers, allows me to find a good balance in life on a personal level, to have a broader vision and to deal with a greater diversity of projects.
This allows me to stay up to date with the most modern solutions and, while respecting know-how and confidentiality, to transfer technology from one business to another to design innovative solutions. »
In addition, in the field of tubes or machined parts, Osborn Metals offers, thanks to Sylvain, to reverse engineer parts when the technical data has been lost or no longer exists.