Motorsports tubes

BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 Tubing

T45 Steel Tube or to give it the correct name BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 is a very unique seamless Carbon Manganese steel tube that has been used in many applications throughout industry.
T45 Steel Tube possesses high tensile and yield properties. It’s excellent strength to weight ratio enables it to have many industrial uses from Roll Cages in Motorsport to Defence and Aerospace applications.
Stunt cars, Picture vehicles and historic Formula 1 cars routinely use T45. Beyond roll cages, many other areas of motor racing use it to too for occupant safety, chassis, suspension and other critical components.
OSBORN METALS SA manufactures T45 tubes in all "imperial" dimensions as well as in metric dimensions.
For diameters lower than 0.438 "(11.1mm), the name is no longer T45 but T64 :
  • BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 Tube in accordance with BS6S100 Conditions (0.500″dia – 2.000″dia)
  • ​BS3 T64 to BS5 T100 Tube in accordance with BS6S100 Conditions (0.250″dia – 0.438″dia)
OSBORN METALS manufactures the tubes according to the aeronautical standards.

All the tubes are stenciled for identification and traceability
Special shapes, square, rectangle, oval, flat oval, streamline are produced on request.
Mechanical properties of the OSBORN T45 tubes :
Rm>700MPa Rp0,2% > 620 MPa A% > 15%

Download our technical sheet BS T45 (PDF)