Motorsports tubes

25CrMo4 Tubes - OSBORN METALS GT750

« Chromoly » 25CrMo4 is a common grade in the motorsport sector and OSBORN METALS has developed its own brand for its 25CD4 (25CrMo4) tubes : OSBORN METALS GT750 : OM GT750

The aeronautical quality of the material used and the level of inclusion cleanliness give the OM GT750 tubes an optimal level of quality.
For the basic version of the OM GT750 tubes, we selected the delivery condition + SR (Stress Relief). This condition guarantees a very good bendability while maintaining a high elasticity level to reduce the mass of your roll cages.
The OM GT750 tubes can also be ordered in Normalized (+ N) or even Treated (Hardened) conditions.
The Normalized condition further improves the bendability with a greater than 25% elongation, but at the expense of the lower yield strength than that obtained in the + SR condition.

Mechanical properties of the OM GT750 standard tubes (+SR) :
Rp0,2% > 650 MPa
A% > 15%

Any diameter in the range 10mm - 80mm can be obtained on special manufacture but for motorsports we keep in stock the most common dimensions in our workshops (factory sale from 300 € for available sizes)

Download our technical sheet GT750 (PDF)