Motorsports tubes


For the most demanding Motorsports applications, OSBORN METALS has developed its own brand for its 15CDV6 (15CrMo6) tubes : OSBORN METALS GT1000 - OM GT1000

Osborn Metals SA, supplier of the 15CDV6 tubes for the Airbus group, sources the raw material from the only Airbus approved steel mills.
It is this same material that is used for the manufacture of the OM GT1000 tubes.
The aeronautical requirements, the high level of inclusion cleanliness confer on OM GT1000 tubes an optimal level of quality in terms of homogeneity, toughness, resilience, fatigue resistance.

The tubes, induction hardened in our workshops have the following mechanical characteristics :
  • Rm>1000MPa
  • Rp0,2% > 800 MPa
  • A% > 12%

Other types of heat treatments and other mechanical properties can be obtained on special fabrication

Any diameter in the range 10mm - 100mm can be obtained on special manufacture but for motorsports we keep in stock the most common dimensions at distributors and in our workshops (factory sale from 300 € for the available sizes)

Download our Catalogue Tubes OM GT1000 (PDF)
Download our technical sheet GT1000 (PDF)
Welding recommendations for OM GT100TM thin walled cold drawn tubing (PDF)